LordF8's Universe

September 24, 2016: Game Day #32

Party takes a short rest. Oran IDs the amulet for the party. Further exploration into the area guarded by the Spawn of earlier….which means they open the secret door again.
Get swarmed by eight zombies. Hallway logistics limit the spread of their attack, and the party keeps them jammed up in the hallway, holding ground in the chamber before it. A long battle of one/two zombies at a time, but they win and earn 1,800 XP. Treasure: 200 silver pieces.
The hallway beyond goes 60’ before curving, to the right, and ultimately a total of 120’ to a closed door.
Party preps, then opens.
Three Ogre Zombies attack.
The party wins again, pulling 2,000XP. Treasure: three 100gp rubies, three 300 gp diamonds.
They close this door, sit back and take stock.
DM Note: No additional rests yet taken.


yourfatemydice yourfatemydice

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