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September 17, 2016: Game Day #31

The party decides to advance back up the hallway and explore the Umber tunnel. The follow it through to a 50′×70′ chamber, and fight two umber hulks. They defeat the monsters for 3,600 XP, no treasure.
They do, however, locate a knife/boot sheath (Snark takes) and a 30 gp gold ring (no magic, which Snark takes also). There is a very nice belt buckle (not yet ID, adamantine and +1 def). The party searches this chamber further, finding a secret door.
Long rest.
Game Day #32
Open secret door.
Surprised by a Vampire Spawn.
Crazy fight takes place, and party manages to defeat this enemy, pulls 1,800 XP. They also pull a silver chain amulet, the magic of which increases Damage Resistance. (is evident ONLY if the person/creature wearing it already has DR, and only if there’s a non-magic weapon clause in play. Magic: Boosts existing DR so that the 1st 20 points of damage taken are treated as invulnerable, and only after that does the normal (half-damage) DR kick in.
DM NOTE: the secret door got closed during battle, and remains so at this time.


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