LordF8's Universe

November 12, 2016: Game Day #32

Time check: Party has consumed 3.5 hours since the long rest ended and the Vampire Spawn hit them.
They take another short rest.
They scan the room they are in, and find two locked doors at the base. The upper door has growly sounds on its other side; the lower has clicking-beak-like sounds.
Party returns to the VmpSp room, to waste 21 hours, so that they could take another long rest.
Middle of this, Game Day #33 arrives.
While there, they spot (this time) the exit chambers of the Ogre Zombies on the hallway wall.
The party IDs the +1 morning stars and Cali takes them. Goes back down the hall to the “Cup” room (due to its shape), but first notice small cracks outlining on an opposite wall….decide that its more, and so they trigger the fight.
Kill three more ogre zombies


yourfatemydice yourfatemydice

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